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Maharashtra, India
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Field Welding Machines

  1. Worldpoly 160 – 50-160mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  2. Worldpoly 250 – 63-250mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  3. Worldpoly 315 – 90-315mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  4. Worldpoly 450 – 200-450mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  5. Worldpoly 630 – 315-630mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  6. Worldpoly 800 – 450-800mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  7. Worldpoly 1000 – 500-1000mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  8. Worldpoly 1200 – 630-1200mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
  9. Worldpoly 1600 – 900-1600mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic


  • Main frame includes 4 light weight alloy main clamps.
  • German hydraulic seals.
  • Layer clamps
  • 2-piece liners
  • Narrow clamps
  • Machine can be supplied with any combination of liner diameters.
  • PTFE coated heating plate with electronic temperature control. Heating plate automatically separates from pipe ends after heating.
  • Removable cast Aluminium electric facing tool with current overload protection
  • Electrohydraulic pump with controls, and quick release hoses. Includes countdown timers for heating and cooling phases.
  • Stand for heating plate and facing tool.
  • Optional Aluminium or steel stub end device for welding end fittings.
  • Wired ready to accept Worldpoly or other data logger
  • Includes tool box including tools, bolts etc.
  • Optional wheeled trolley and crane available.
  • CE approved by SGS


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